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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Week Three picks

Although it appears I'm preaching to an empty room, I will continue to make football picks to satisfy my inner curiosity of whether or not I would actually make money if I played the mafia pools. Assuming I spent $10 a week playing 4 games (to win $100), I'd be out $20 so far (I was 2-2 in week 1 and 3-1 in week 2). So in my next futile attempt to almost win money, here's my week 3 picks.

Raiders (+8) at Eagles
Please, the Eagles are going to have a field dayon this team. While the Raiders offense coughs and sputters its way to maybe 17 points, the Eagles will score left and right on their defense. Although I'm not happy about it, the Raiders will probably be 0-3 after this weekend and my hopes of drafting Matt Leinart increases.
Doob's pick: Eagles (ugh)

Bengals (-3) at Bears
The Bears have a damn good defense, but the Bengals offense is too good to only spot the Bears three points...especially considering how bad the Bears' offense is. Even if the Bengals win 17-13, they'll still beat the spread.
Doob's pick: Bengals

Packers (+3.5) at Buccaneers
Even though they're not in the same division anymore this is too close of a rivalry to spot the Packers 3.5 points at home. The Packers are 0-2 and the Bucs are 2-0, so this is a good time for the law of averages to kick in.
Doob's pick: Packers

Cardinals (+6) at Seahawks
Screw the Cardinals, I'm wondering why I wasted my time picking them the first two weeks of the season. The Seahawks will win by at least 10.
Doob's pick: Seahawks

Picks to appease the locals
This section implied that there were locals who cared about football even reading the picks. Since there appears to be no one around, I'm discontinuing this section. If there *is* actually someone out there who's pick is hanging on my all-knowing analysis, thanks for making me feel better, but you have other issues.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Week Two results

Well, I'm happy to say that ol' Doob's shown some improvement in Week Two, getting over his schneid in Week One and posting an overall winning record so far. A 3-1 record this week puts me at 6-5 for the year. Doob's picks in bold below.

49ers (+13) at Eagles - Eagles 42, 49ers 3 - DINGDINGDINGDINGDING - The only other beating that's going to come this close is when the Eagles destroy the Raiders in Week Three. More on that later this week.
Dolphins (+6) at Jets - Jets 17, Dolphins 7 - DINGDINGDINGDINGDING
Giants (-3)
"at" Saints - Giants 27, Saints 10 -DINGDINGDINGDINGDING - But let's not get overzealous Giants fans...the Giants aren't as good as they've played the first two games. They're not BAD, but they're not THAT good. The most entertainment I got out of this game was watching all the NFL stars answer the phone for Katrina relief. If I hadn't already donated I'd have called in just to either praise Howie Long or to curse out John Elway. Since the two of them were sitting next to each other and the phones exchanged hands at least once, I assume I wasn't the only one thinking the same thing.
Rams (+1) at Cardinals - Rams 17, Cardinals 12 - BZZZZZZZZT - Well, at least I was right about the Cardinals breaking my heart.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Parental Search Update: We have progress

So the intake interview went well today with my case worker hitting me with all the possible outcomes just to make sure I'm prepared to do the search. What if they say yes, what if they say no? What if they don't respond? What if they're dead? What if they're a criminal or a nut case? What if they're dead, criminal nut cases who are indecisive? Bring it on, I'm ready.

They said they think they've found my mother and, if they're correct, her parents are also alive as well (going by the report they'd be 80 and 81). I also found out how I came to be, according to what our case worker in 1970 had recorded. Apparently, my parents met at a party through mutual friends and had dated for several months before I was conceived. Her parents talked her into adoption as she was felt to be a bit immature at 20 (understandable).

CHS recommended some good tips, especially the concept of handling the relationship like you would any new person you meet. Take it slow and then decide whether or not you wish to release the your personal information to each other. She also recommended setting up a fake email account to start correspondence with and then, depending on how everything goes, take it from there.

So anyway, the first letter to make contact goes out by the end of the week. Now, it gets interesting.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Parental search update: Background search is in

Well, on Wednesday I got my background search results in. Unfortunately, there's not much more new info of interest to me. Since this information was gathered way back in 1970 when I was put up for adoption, my mother (my adopted mother) already had jotted most of the vitals...parents nationality, height, hair color, etc. What was new was that I got results back on my birth mother and her immediate family (parents and brother) and neat things like their hobbies...for instance my mother liked to snowmobile and both my mother and grandmother were musically inclined...traits that apparently aren't genetic as proved by my aversion to speed and ice and my monthlong stints learning the organ and guitar back in the seventies. (the simple fact that I took organ lessons proves that I grew up in the 70's)

Even more telling was the lack of information on my father's side...whereas my mother's immediate family was listed, no one besides him was listed on the report. It's almost like she filed the report on his behalf. However, there is one tie-in that probably explained their relationship. Their occupations were both listed with him being a factory worker and she a factory inspector. Sounds like a little extracurricular activity was going on outside of work!

If this is true it probably confirms my suspicions...their relationship was probably a mere fling. As much as I'd like to meet my father, I'm more optimistic about the chances of meeting my mother. My father's probably long gone and more than likely has little to no interest in meeting me.

Anyway, my intake interview with the adoption agency is set up for tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. This is where they screen me to find out my intentions and to make sure I understand the situation I might be getting into (I may not WANT to be found) before they make contact with the parents. I'll keep everyone posted.

Friday, September 16, 2005

What do the Cleveland Rockers and Doob's Fantasy Football League have to do with each other?

After reading about the lack of interest in the WNBA at a popular sports website, I decided to comment with an interesting story of my own involving the fantasy football league that I'm in (which also happens to be run by Buke (aka Moose Buckman)). They liked it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Week Two picks

Week One usually is a difficult week to predict. Teams are just playing their first real game of the year together, usually after major personnel changes in the offseason. Sure there's the preseason, but the starters hardly play and the coaches rarely unveil their true game plan to their opponents. Sometimes the first week is a harbinger of bad (or good) things to come for a team, but often it's an anomaly. Take the 2003 Patriots who were shutout 31-0 by the 6-10 Bills in week one, then went on to win the Super Bowl that year. (ironically, the Patriots returned the favor in the final week of the season that year by reversing the score and beating the Bills 31-0.)

That being said, a lot of my picks this week are hinging on teams returning to their expected form after a surprising week one.

49ers (+13) at Eagles
The Eagles lost to the Falcons and the 49ers shocked the Rams. Don't expect the worst team in the league last year to come close to the Eagles. And don't worry about McNabb. I seriously doubt a chest boo-boo is going to keep him out of the home opener.
Doob's pick: Eagles

Dolphins (+6) at Jets
Although the Chiefs rebuilt their defense, the Jets aren't as bad as they might have indicated in week one. Likewise, Miami isn't as good as they played against Denver last week. I think the Jets will cover, but it'll be close.
Doob's pick: Jets

Giants (-3) "at" Saints
Since the Saints home opener was moved out of New Orleans for obvious reasons, it's now being hosted in NY, thereby making this more of a Giants home game. Although I don't think the Giants are as good as they appeared last week, they should be able to handle the displaced Saints.
Doob's pick: Giants

Rams (+1) at Cardinals
An intriguing one. A team supposedly on the rise (Cards) vs. a team supposedly on the decline (Rams). The Rams lost a shocker to the 49ers last week and the Cards got destroyed by the Giants, so both should be hungry. My heart's with the Cards...although they do have a habit of breaking them. Regardless, I expect a rollicking good shootout between the two.
Doob's pick: Cards. While you're at it, take the over which is currently at 44 1/2.

Picks to appease the danged locals
Hey, whaddya know, I already did all the local teams this week!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Week One - The results

And the results are in. My picks in bold.

Raiders (+7.5) at Patriots - Patriots 30, Raiders 20 - DINGDINGDINGDINGDING - Allright! They didn't lose as bad as I thought!
Colts (-3) at Ravens - Colts 24, Ravens 7 - BZZZZZZZZT - Well, the Ravens "D" DID hold Manning in check for the 1st half...
Saints (+7) at Panthers - Saints 23, Panthers 20 - BZZZZZZZZT - Kudos to NO who's fans could use some uplifting news.
Bengals (-3.5) at Browns - Bengals 27, Browns 13 - DINGDINGDINGDINGDING

Picks to appease the locals
Cardinals (+2) at Giants: Giants 42, Cardinals 19 - BZZZZZZZZT - Well, that was embarrassing.
Jets (+3) at Chiefs: Chiefs 27, Jets 7 - DINGDINGDINGDINGDING
Eagles (-2) at Falcons: Falcons 14, Eagles 10 -BZZZZZZZZT - Well, at least the Eagles lost!

Okay, so I was 2-2 in my regular picks and 1-2 in my local picks. This is why I don't play the mafia pools that often. Hopefully my week 2 picks will be better.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Parental search update: Phone tag, but some progress

After an exchange of voice mails with the rep handling my case I found out that she's completed the background search and was about to send the paperwork to me. After that, I would sign it, send it back to her, and then she will set up an interview with me...presumably to make sure I want to do all this and to also make sure I'm not a nut case. I found that out on Wednesday, so hopefully the papers will be here by the weekend.

Mattie update

Matt's now learned how to bite on his spoon when mommy tries to feed him. Anything to make the morning routine longer!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I know you're out there. I can hear you snoring.

Folks, just a reminder...if you have anything to say about anything I write, click on the "comments" link under the post. The site's gotten over a thousand hits in the two months it's been up, so I know people are coming (unless 975 of those hits are me checking on the site...a definite possibility). But Doob needs a little love every now and then so be a pal and leave a comment if you have anything to say. Please don't make me post my ultra-conservative rants up here just to stir emotion. :)

Monday, September 05, 2005

Are you ready for some football?

Despite the resounding failure of the American Idle Fantasy Football League (no one here cared...I had to scramble to get four other work colleagues to attempt to fill the league), I refuse to be discouraged and will share my football ponderings for the upcoming week anyway. If you prefer more erudite browsing, feel free to visit the other links on the left. If you don't know what the hell "erudite" is the definition is here and congratulations, you're my target audience! Thanks for stopping! And if you knew what "erudite" was, but was dumbfounded that I did, trust me...I'm as shocked as you are.

Anyway, here's my top picks for Week One.

Raiders (+7.5) at Patriots
I may be a Raiders fan, but I'm also a realist. The Pats may have lost their offensive and defensive coordinators, but the heart and soul of that coaching staff is still Bill Belichick. If they can hold Payton Manning and the Colts offense to 3 points in in last year's AFC playoffs with a dilapidated secondary, they'll stop Kerry Collins and Randy Moss with ease.

Doob's pick: Patriots by 24 (37 - 13, if you want to get granular)

Colts (-3) at Ravens
The Ravens already have arguably the best defense in the league, and you have to wonder if their coaching staff is going to take some plays out of the Patriots' playbook on how to stop Payton Manning. As Ben Roethlisberger found out in the playoffs last year, word on how to beat someone travels fast in this league.

Doob's pick: Ravens by 3

Saints (+7) at Panthers
You can't help but wonder exactly how much the Saints' heads are going to be in this game. Season opener or not, their friends and families are facing grim scenarios in New Orleans which is almost definitely going to cause a distraction. That and the Panthers have one scary defense.

Doob's pick: Panthers by 13

Bengals (-3.5) at Browns
The Bengals are on the verge of having their most explosive offense since Boomer Esiason and the Ickey Shuffle. That and the Browns are awful. Just awful. Sure Trent Dilfer was the starting QB on the 2000 Championship Ravens, but that defense carried the team while Trent Dilfer was there to not-screw-things-up. The Browns don't have that kind of defense to carry them and with Dilfer they certainly don't have that kind of offense either. Romeo Crennel might turn it around, but it's unlikely it's going to be this soon.

Doob's pick: Bengals by 17

Picks to appease the locals
Well, I don't know if "appease" is the right word since I don't really like the Giants or Jets and I downright despise the Eagles. But if I don't include them, I might alienate two of the three people who visit this page occasionally. So here goes.
Cardinals (+2) at Giants: If the Cardinals can keep Kurt Warner upright, they might actually make the playoffs this year. Yes, I'm serious! Cards by 6
Jets (+3) at Chiefs: The Chiefs have taken steps to improve their defense and Pennington is coming off of shoulder surgery. Chiefs by 7
Eagles (-2) at Falcons: Let's see...who do I hate more...Terrell Owens or the overrated Michael Vick? Actually, I don't really hate Michael Vick, I hate the reporters who won't stop frothing at the mouth over his "exciting ability". I've got two words for Michael Vick (who only threw for more than 200 yards three times last year): Kordell Stewart. Eagles by 7 (although I hope they lose by 20)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans: They bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into...

I actually posted the below as a comment in another blog, but I couldn't waste a good rant without sharing it here. Here's a link to the article that Spike referenced.

If nothing else, I hopes this serves a lesson to everyone else that when you are urged/ordered to evacuate a city, you do so. I don't care if you feared losing your possessions to more than likely would have lost them anyway to nature. And if you had children or other dependant relatives, your dumbass decision may have just doomed them too. And if you stuck around just so you COULD loot and profiteer from other people's misery, well then screw deserve the hell you're living in. Aside from those who had legitimate reasons to stick around (including the very poor), who I truly feel sorry for are the people who now have to go and rescue your asses from the third world situation you helped create. Unlike the tsunami victims, you had a choice in your fate and you fucked it up. I'll be donating money to the Red Cross regardless, but I feel almost nauseous doing so.

Let the gouging and panic begin!

I'm sure anyone who's been at...or driven by...a gas station today knew exactly what that title meant before they even read this sentence. The Texaco by my house jumped to $2.99/gallon (for regular) this afternoon and when I passed it a second time, the owners had already placed orange barricades outside to announce that any interested consumers were too damn late. The other small gas station across the street had considerably less traffic at $3.12/g for regular, but further inspection revealed they were OUT of regular, but that they did have premium for the low, low price of $3.63/g.

For those unaware, the main reason for this is Hurricane Katrina, which so nicely knocked out a significant % of our oil refineries. So, naturally, this leads to price gouging and mass panic. The wife did just tell me, however, that gas stations along the turnpike can only change their prices on Fridays so, if you're lucky, you might be able to get some cheap gas along the turnpike. Something tells me though that the gas supply there probably dried up around noon.

On the plus side, if you ever wanted a Hummer, I suspect you'll be able to find them verrrrry cheap by the end of the year.

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