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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Asshole, A-S-S-H-O-L-E, Asshole

Talk about mixed emotions. Part of me thinks this little dweeb could use a good cock-punching and the other part of me is thoroughly enjoying watching the vapid CNN hostess get embarrassed.

Note: I'm hearing some whispers that this kid might have Asperger Syndrome. If that's the case, I'm truly sorry. But until that's proven, the kid still seems like a jerk to me.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I present to you: Doobie, your "hot blogger"

Last month over at the female sports blog, Ladies..., they issued a call to arms for "hot" male bloggers. My ego stoked (for some strange reason), I threw my hat in the ring with the thinnest looking photo I could find, barring something from 3rd grade. Hey, if nothing else, I got to promote my new Bruins blog ( The Spoked B). Anyway, they released the brackets today and yours truly got a 12 seed (out of 22) in the "AFC North" bracket, meaning that the girls there thought I was more attractive than 10 other guys in my bracket...woohoo!

Of course, my plan to promote my new blog was foiled as they listed my OLD blog (Ghosts of the Garden) which was where my "submission entry" came from (at the time, I didn't have enough decent content at The Spoked B).

So, if you want to stuff the ballot box for your old buddy Doob (or against me, just to squash any delusions of grandeur I might get), you can vote in the AFC North bracket here.

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