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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Week Two picks

Week One usually is a difficult week to predict. Teams are just playing their first real game of the year together, usually after major personnel changes in the offseason. Sure there's the preseason, but the starters hardly play and the coaches rarely unveil their true game plan to their opponents. Sometimes the first week is a harbinger of bad (or good) things to come for a team, but often it's an anomaly. Take the 2003 Patriots who were shutout 31-0 by the 6-10 Bills in week one, then went on to win the Super Bowl that year. (ironically, the Patriots returned the favor in the final week of the season that year by reversing the score and beating the Bills 31-0.)

That being said, a lot of my picks this week are hinging on teams returning to their expected form after a surprising week one.

49ers (+13) at Eagles
The Eagles lost to the Falcons and the 49ers shocked the Rams. Don't expect the worst team in the league last year to come close to the Eagles. And don't worry about McNabb. I seriously doubt a chest boo-boo is going to keep him out of the home opener.
Doob's pick: Eagles

Dolphins (+6) at Jets
Although the Chiefs rebuilt their defense, the Jets aren't as bad as they might have indicated in week one. Likewise, Miami isn't as good as they played against Denver last week. I think the Jets will cover, but it'll be close.
Doob's pick: Jets

Giants (-3) "at" Saints
Since the Saints home opener was moved out of New Orleans for obvious reasons, it's now being hosted in NY, thereby making this more of a Giants home game. Although I don't think the Giants are as good as they appeared last week, they should be able to handle the displaced Saints.
Doob's pick: Giants

Rams (+1) at Cardinals
An intriguing one. A team supposedly on the rise (Cards) vs. a team supposedly on the decline (Rams). The Rams lost a shocker to the 49ers last week and the Cards got destroyed by the Giants, so both should be hungry. My heart's with the Cards...although they do have a habit of breaking them. Regardless, I expect a rollicking good shootout between the two.
Doob's pick: Cards. While you're at it, take the over which is currently at 44 1/2.

Picks to appease the danged locals
Hey, whaddya know, I already did all the local teams this week!


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