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Monday, September 05, 2005

Are you ready for some football?

Despite the resounding failure of the American Idle Fantasy Football League (no one here cared...I had to scramble to get four other work colleagues to attempt to fill the league), I refuse to be discouraged and will share my football ponderings for the upcoming week anyway. If you prefer more erudite browsing, feel free to visit the other links on the left. If you don't know what the hell "erudite" is the definition is here and congratulations, you're my target audience! Thanks for stopping! And if you knew what "erudite" was, but was dumbfounded that I did, trust me...I'm as shocked as you are.

Anyway, here's my top picks for Week One.

Raiders (+7.5) at Patriots
I may be a Raiders fan, but I'm also a realist. The Pats may have lost their offensive and defensive coordinators, but the heart and soul of that coaching staff is still Bill Belichick. If they can hold Payton Manning and the Colts offense to 3 points in in last year's AFC playoffs with a dilapidated secondary, they'll stop Kerry Collins and Randy Moss with ease.

Doob's pick: Patriots by 24 (37 - 13, if you want to get granular)

Colts (-3) at Ravens
The Ravens already have arguably the best defense in the league, and you have to wonder if their coaching staff is going to take some plays out of the Patriots' playbook on how to stop Payton Manning. As Ben Roethlisberger found out in the playoffs last year, word on how to beat someone travels fast in this league.

Doob's pick: Ravens by 3

Saints (+7) at Panthers
You can't help but wonder exactly how much the Saints' heads are going to be in this game. Season opener or not, their friends and families are facing grim scenarios in New Orleans which is almost definitely going to cause a distraction. That and the Panthers have one scary defense.

Doob's pick: Panthers by 13

Bengals (-3.5) at Browns
The Bengals are on the verge of having their most explosive offense since Boomer Esiason and the Ickey Shuffle. That and the Browns are awful. Just awful. Sure Trent Dilfer was the starting QB on the 2000 Championship Ravens, but that defense carried the team while Trent Dilfer was there to not-screw-things-up. The Browns don't have that kind of defense to carry them and with Dilfer they certainly don't have that kind of offense either. Romeo Crennel might turn it around, but it's unlikely it's going to be this soon.

Doob's pick: Bengals by 17

Picks to appease the locals
Well, I don't know if "appease" is the right word since I don't really like the Giants or Jets and I downright despise the Eagles. But if I don't include them, I might alienate two of the three people who visit this page occasionally. So here goes.
Cardinals (+2) at Giants: If the Cardinals can keep Kurt Warner upright, they might actually make the playoffs this year. Yes, I'm serious! Cards by 6
Jets (+3) at Chiefs: The Chiefs have taken steps to improve their defense and Pennington is coming off of shoulder surgery. Chiefs by 7
Eagles (-2) at Falcons: Let's see...who do I hate more...Terrell Owens or the overrated Michael Vick? Actually, I don't really hate Michael Vick, I hate the reporters who won't stop frothing at the mouth over his "exciting ability". I've got two words for Michael Vick (who only threw for more than 200 yards three times last year): Kordell Stewart. Eagles by 7 (although I hope they lose by 20)


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