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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Weather Channel 1, AccuWeather 0

As I figured, since most of the weather forecasters got blindsided by the snow that hit us late Saturday-early Sunday, the next round of prognostications were drastically overstated. Just like any other news, bad news sells more than good news and, dammit, they weren't about to be surprised again.

Anyway, they openly stated that snowfall amounts last night would be sketchy since the path of the storm wasn't well defined. AccuWeather predicted 4"-6" for the Trenton area and one publication in South Jersey said as much as 8" could fall down there. However, I was a bit shocked when the Weather Channel (specifically said only 1"-3" of snow was expected. The contest was on!

And the results were.....

A dusting in the Trenton area. Maybe an inch, if that. Possibly a little more, but it was still about half of what we got over the weekend. Hell, I don't think it's even worth hauling my ass out there to shovel. Even down south, they only received a few inches. So score one for the Weather Channel for calling it correctly. Hell, even they might have overstated it, but not to the tune of several inches more.


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