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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Resurrecting the Dead in Trenton

Trenton's rung up it's record 29th murder victim in 2005 with another full month to go. Ahhh, how I pine for my old Chambersburg life, with neighbors walking pit bulls and the undeterminable stench eminating from somewhere near Hamilton Ave. I miss peering out my window at 3 AM to make sure no one's broken into my car...again.

The best part of that article though, is this line: "Since 1971 and 1979 the record stood at 27 deaths."

What exactly does that mean? Usually records are stationary...they stand until they are broken by a larger number. Did someone come back to life in 1972, forcing them to readjust the 1971 number...which then was rebroken by another 27 murders in 1979? And they didn't mean "between" since the new record of #28 was just established on Monday (and subsequently broken on Tuesday). If they meant the record number of 27 just repeated itself in 1979, just say so. Don't use the word "since"...that doesn't make any sense. That's like saying "I've been sober since January and June".

I say there's some undead walking out there in the streets of Trenton. No way all those staggering dead-eyed people were just drunks. Although I didn't hear many of them calling for brraaaaaaaains.

Maybe they had just eaten.


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