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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Armenia and Australia, Hello!

So a few days ago, I decide to try out Site Meter to get better details about traffic to my web site. I knew a few people were visiting my site, but someone else had to be accounting for some of those 2,000+ hits I've received since I started this in July. Aside from typical daily visit numbers, Site Meter pulls in some really neat stats, such as location of the IP address they're coming from and what the referring URL was (aka another blog, a search website, etc.).

The results were surprising. The hits from Nevada and Minnesota I didn't expect, but then I started getting hits from Australia, Canada and...Armenia?? Upon further investigation, what I discovered was a little less shocking...MSN, like everything else they do, sucks at searches. Let's just say that searches for "dissertation on kidnapping" pulled up one of my posts. So, there you I'm a foremost authority on terrorism.


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