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Friday, October 07, 2005

Shit Still on my TiVo

As those of you with infants know, free time becomes a precious commodity pretty quickly. You spend it doing the important things and when you actually have downtime, you try to spend it wisely. Of course, in my case, I spend it playing Madden football. I still watch stuff on our primary TiVo...stuff that currently has my interest such as current sports-themed shows, Ghost Hunters, Weird US, MythBusters, Robot Chicken and Reno 911. I even have "Constantine" that's been sitting on that TiVo for over a month because Debbie and I can't watch it for an hour without getting interrupted. As a result, my personal TiVo in my office (where I record stuff Debbie has zero interest in watching) has really become backlogged with shit I don't either have time to watch, or don't feel like seeing at the time. Here's what I currently have stashed away:

  • Bridge On the River Kwai (since December)
  • Dr. Strangelove (January)
  • Scent of a Woman ( I haven't seen this movie yet)
  • Eight Men Out (March)
  • Star Trek: Enterprise (the last four episodes)
  • Family Guy (the newest episode)
  • Amrican Dad (the three newest episodes)
  • Raiders games (six classic games courtesy of Classic Sports Network)
  • Blue Collar TV (two episodes)
  • South Park (two older episodes that I don't think I've seen)
This is the reason I don't get involved in too many newer shows like "Lost" or "24". I've already got a bunch of other crap that needs to be watched first.


Blogger Darren said...

The interruptions during Constantine are the cosmos trying to tell you something. They're trying to tell you to stay the hell away from that awful piece of crap. Save yourself the time and go watch Scent of a Woman instead.

10/07/2005 4:03 PM  
Blogger Doobie said...

But Keanu Reeves is the greatest actor in all of the land, what could possibly go wrong?

10/07/2005 4:13 PM  
Blogger Doobie said...

BTW, I watched Constantine and totally dug it. However, since my wife didn't like it...and neither did most of the known only goes to prove that I must be certifiably insane.

10/10/2005 9:39 PM  

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