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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Natural parent search update: String pulling?

Well, it's been six weeks and still nothing. Although reading their disclaimer again revealed that it might take six weeks to INITIATE their search. C'mon people, does it really take SIX weeks to BEGIN to process a piece of paperwork?

There's some hope here though. While searching for a contact email to get an update, I came across a handy tidbit. The VP Chief Information Officer of my company (aka my boss's boss's boss's boss's boss) is also on the board of directors at Children's Home Society! Holy Crap! So I sent "hey what a small world" emails to both the VP and to the rep at CHS. Hopefully that'll get the ball rolling...

***UPDATE: CHS replied to my email on Wednesday and stated that the case was open but that there's only one person handling these issues and she's on vacation this week. Oh well, at least I know that there's a living, breathing person there who's working on my case.


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