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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

KC Royals: 18 losses in a row

Today the Kansas City Royals lost their 18th consecutive game, a club record. They're now just three losses shy of tying the AL record of 21 set by the 1988 Baltimore Orioles and five losses shy of matching the 1961 Philadelphia Phillies for the major league record.

You think I'd have been smart to jump off their bandwagon 20 years ago after they won the World Series. The sad thing is that, of all my favorite teams, that 1985 team is the last time I've been able to enjoy rooting for a championship team. (Raiders '83 and Bruins '71-72 are the others)

UPDATE: Royals end skid at 19 games! However, this still doesn't make me feel any better about their 39-82 record and...what's the deal with the champagne?


Blogger Doobie said...

Uhhh, that's now 19 losses.

8/20/2005 4:06 AM  

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