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Monday, January 02, 2006

Oil Change Blues

Being about 900 miles past the due date for my next oil change, I call Toyota's service department on Friday to see if they happened to be opened today (1/2), which is usually the celebrated holiday when the actual one falls on a Sunday. They say, sure, they're open from 7-7.

So I get up early this morning and head on over since previous experience has proven that it's best to get there as soon as possible. I show up at 7:10 and a Toyota guy in the parking lot tells me the service department doesn't open until 7:30. I went to the door and confirmed the 7:30 opening time. Not that big of a deal...I'll just go to McDonalds or something and get me some breakfast.

So I come back at 7:30 as the doors are opening and check in the car. The guy at the counter then proceeds to tell me that no technicians come in until 8.

What the fuck? I guess I can see opening at 7:30 so that people can drop off their car before they head in to work, but since people frequently get their oil changed at the dealer you think you'd make the 8 AM time abundantly clear to people who are planning to wait for their car to be serviced.

Well, neither I nor Debbie are working today, so fortunately there's no real harm done. But, man, I could have slept later.

At least they have free coffee and wi-fi!


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