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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Diary of a Madman

Apparently, not only do normal citizens have blogs, but so do murderers and child molesters. In case you haven't seen it, Joseph E. Duncan kept his own blog on Blogspot. As you may know, Duncan is the sex offender allegedly behind the kidnapping of Idaho children Shasta and Dylan Groene and the murder of their parents...and now probably Dylan as well.

This blog is particularly eerie, with a post from May 11 titled "The Demons Have Taken Over" being especailly telling.

This brings up my question. Why does no one ever bring up the topic of castrating sex offenders before letting them out? You want to see the light of day? First, we cut off your balls. Otherwise, get used to your concrete and iron surroundings. And I don't mean "chemical" castration, I mean "bring out the anasthesia and scissors Matilda, we're going to have some Rocky Mountain Oysters". While I'm certainly no expert on the matter, I would have to assume that removing the sex drive would have to reduce these crimes exponentially. Granted, if you've got a screw loose it might not mattter, but if molesting kids are what the turn on is, then castration removes the motive operendi.


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