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Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Mutt & Jeff Robbers and other celebrity little league stories

ESPN is promoting the remake of the "Bad News Bears" with an article chronicling little league adventures of sports celebrities. Although I'm not one to promote promotions (hmmm) of movies that tinker with sports classics, there's a gem here among mostly otherwise disposable tales.

From Oriole alumnus Rick Dempsey, who's little league coach turned out to be part of the Mutt & Jeff robbery duo: "He would rob a bank in every city we played in. We played in San Pedro, San Diego, Granada Hills, Lancaster, San Jose. We won the West Coast Championship and earned a trip to a tournament in Pennsylvania. It was ironic. He successfully robbed 12 banks, and we won 12 games. We lost the 13th, and he got caught on the 13th robbery. When we lost, he lost...Our shortstop's father was a detective assigned to the Mutt and Jeff robberies. How coincidental is that? He was assigned to catch them, never knowing one of them was the manager of his kid's all-star team."


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