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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

This just in: "Top Democrat troubled by Alito's answers"

Why is this news, let alone the headliner item on CNN's webpage?

In the world of partisan politics, it's a given that whoever the guy in charge nominates is going to be opposed by the opposite party. Especially nowadays where Bush could race into a burning building, rescue 20 orphans and their puppies, and still get criticized by Democrats. ("Why is he putting his life at stake?" "Why didn't he rescue the kittens?" "Twelve of the orphans were white, why weren't more black orphans rescued? Why not more black puppies?")

Wake me up if Alito gets unanimous approval from BOTH parties and stop bothering me with partisan non-news bullshit.

UPDATE: You've probably figured this out, but at the time of submission, "Top Democrat troubled by Alito's Answers" was the's since been modified by CNN.


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