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Monday, January 23, 2006

"Thank God this Ain't Snow"

**UPDATE**: The Sunday-Monday rain total for the Trenton area was .76 inches. Figure that in and the January total is up to 3.91 inches - or about 39.1 inches of snow if the weather was cold enough. I've said before, and will continue to say for as long as this unseasonable deluge continues.

For as grumpy as we tend to become on rainy days, we should be somewhat happy that, aside from that odd few inches we got the other weekend, we haven't spent any time this year shoveling our driveways, risking our lives on the icy roads, or battling the masses at the supermarkets for that last gallon of milk (even though it seems that 75% of central NJ drives SUVs).

So far in January...not including what fell last night...we've gotten 3.15 inches of precipitation in the Trenton area. The old rule of thumb states that one inch of rain equals roughly 10 inches of snow. So, using that equation, we'd have had to shovel out about 31 and a half inches of snow so far if the weather was cold enough.

That's right, almost three feet.

And again, this isn't including what we've gotten last night and continues to fall this morning...which may be another .5 to 1 inch of rain...maybe more. So factor that in and we're talking another 5-10 inches (of snow), which moves us over the potential 3 foot mark and closer to 4 feet.

Something to think about when you're bitching about the weather this morning.


Blogger Darren said...

Of course, the difference is that snow is pretty and closes school/work. Rain is just annoying. :)

1/23/2006 5:16 PM  
Blogger Doobie said...

Guess it depends on your perspective.

In my view, snow's a pain in the ass and it's effects stick around long after it's done. With rain, once it stops and the sun comes out, you're done.

I'm also jaded against snow since I (with others) run a 24x7 operation where a call out means we have to scramble to get coverage. Often, if we have advance notice of a snow storm, we have to make hotel accomodations to make sure staff is nearby for coverage issues. Snow is an incredible pain in the ass for us.

1/24/2006 8:13 AM  

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