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Thursday, May 11, 2006

If Montecore can't finish the job, Cole Ford will.

Apparently, nothing pisses off ex-Raiders kickers more than flamboyant illusionists with white tigers...maybe it's those silver & black Zubaz-like outfits they wear.

Trust me, I was as stunned as everyone else when I first heard about this in 2004. But as a Raider fan, you get used to these things. Rolf Benirschke goes from Chargers kicker to hosting the Wheel of Fortune. Hall of Fame defensive lineman Alan Page goes from the football field to serving as as associate justice on the Minnesota Supreme Court. Cole Ford goes from the gridiron to shooting at Las Vegas celebrities' houses. Hey, to each his own. He's a Raider for crying out loud, what did you expect?

Odd note: Rolf Benirschke was actually drafted by the Raiders in 1977 before going to the Chargers.


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