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Sunday, December 17, 2006

What a shitty effing day

This is a rant for mostly myself since I don't expect anyone to fully understand, let alone sympathize with me.

Today was just a shitty day overall where, although nothing went horribly wrong, it's been enough to put me in a general overall funk. If I vent, maybe I'll feel better.

I had to attend an all-day family event today and, while it was definitely a nice gig, it was enough to knock me out of my Sunday football-watching routine to make me not fully enjoy it. So instead of sitting on a couch with a bunch of games on TV at my disposal, I had to follow the football action by surfing the internet on my Blackberry.

But it wasn't even so much that I'm a shallow jerk who gets whiny when disturbed, it was the fantasy football playoffs today. In the four leagues I'm in, I was ranked around the top in all of them. I was good enough to conceivably win championships in *all* of them. Instead, my respective teams shit the beds so badly in each league, I'm probably history across the board. This was slowly realized across the course of the day as, every ten-fifteen minutes between 1 PM and 7 PM, I painfully read my Blackberry and saw every goddamn one of my players underperform. Every time a touchdown was scored, it was by someone OTHER than a player on my team. Every player I owned suddenly became invisible. I can take one or two of my players sucking, but not everyone on my whole fucking roster, in EVERY league. And to make matters worse, the people I played against in each league didn't do much better, but they played just well enough to edge me out in each league. If I was able to get just one or two good performances from *someone* on my team, I would have been able to win. And in one league where I thought I still had a chance, I found out that my opponent started a mediocre defense that scored three TDs against me. That after I was joking to my friend earlier today, "boy I'd sure hate to be playing him this week". And then I came home and found out I was.

This sucks. In retrospect, maybe it was better off that I wasn't home to wallow in my misery.

Oh, and the Raiders lost 20-0, too. Hey Fate, why don't you just kick my dog while you're at it?


Blogger jimbuff said...

I joined a fantasy league this year. I only went in one and I won my semi-finals this week by 40 points. I have been in a football pool for 13 years now but it is totally different than fantasy and there are big bucks involved - I have done quite well so one of my friends who is into fantasy got me to join one. Finals are next week and then I am CHAMP!!!
Also how can you expect to do well in football drafts and pools; you oviously do not pay any attention or you would not be a Raiders fan:)

Cowboys Rule!!!

12/19/2006 12:36 PM  
Blogger Doobie said...

I learned early to think objectively and not be partial to your teams. C'mon, I root for the Raiders, Royals and Bruins...if I continually picked those players I'd never win anything. (although I *did* find myself with more Bruins players than normal this year during a live draft and, not surprisingly, I'm in dead last in that league)

12/19/2006 12:44 PM  

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