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Friday, July 08, 2005

Great t-shirt

Thanks to Buke for this great submission. And yes, I was fed up with the media coverage one day into it.

I mean, you gotta feel bad for the family, but does the rest of America REALLY care enough to have 24x7 "updates" of this? I wouldn't even call them updates since no one in the Aruban goverment is saying anything...what we have is 24x7 speculation. And does anyone REALLY think that one or two slapasses is going to prevent tourism in Aruba? There's probably a dozen or so of these kind of people in each of our *counties*. Hell, why not escape to Aruba, get fewer slapasses per capita and get a tan while you're there?

Why does the media only cover crimes happening to cute white women? Aren't there any blacks, Asians, Eskimos, etc. who are victims? Or even just ugly people?

Or even better, how about some more pertinent news? Other events that seem to have taken a back seat to all this: the Iranian "election" or the stepping down of Justice O'Connor.


Blogger Doobie said...

One more thing on this. How many senior news correspondants attempted to sell this story to their bosses in hopes of getting a sweet assignment in Aruba?

7/09/2005 8:36 AM  

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